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KRS 1050 degrees low temperature calcium silicate pipe

1000 degree calcium silicate tube

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KRS 1050 degrees low temperature calcium silicate pipe

1050 degree high temperature calcium silicate tubes are used for heat insulation and fire resistant applications in high temperature pipes and equipment. Known for its high compressive strength, corrosion resistance and high-temperature structural integrity, calcium silicate is commonly used at high temperatures in industrial facilities, such as chemical plants, oil refineries and steam power plants. Because it is A rigid material with a relatively flat thermal conductivity curve, extremely high compressive strength, high bending strength, flame spread/smoke developed Class A rating, and non-flammable, it is widely used in high-temperature, industrial applications.


    KRS 1050 degrees low temperature calcium silicate pipe (4ubf

    1. Accurate size, double-sided polishing, four-sided cutting, easy to install and use, safe and convenient construction.

    2. A variety of thickness of calcium silicate board to choose from.

    3. The safe use temperature of up to 1000 ℃, 700 ℃ higher than ultrafine glass wool products, 550 ℃ higher than expanded perlite products.

    4. Low thermal conductivity (γ≤0.56w/mk), far lower than other hard insulation materials and composite silicate insulation materials.

    5. Small volume density; The lightest of hard insulating materials; Thinner insulation layer; Less rigid support is required during construction, and the installation labor intensity is low.

    6. Calcium silicate pipe non-toxic, tasteless, non-burning, high mechanical strength.

    7. Calcium silicate pipe can be used repeatedly for a long time, without sacrificing technical indicators, the service cycle can reach decades.

    8. High strength, no deformation in the use of temperature range, no asbestos, good durability, waterproof and moisture-proof, can be used for a variety of high temperature insulation parts of the heat insulation.

    9. White appearance, beautiful and smooth, good bending and compressive strength, low loss during transportation and use.

    product usage

    KRS 1050 degrees low temperature calcium silicate pipe (6)sp5

    1. Steam pipe insulation

    2. Chemical pipeline

    3. Oil pipelines

    4. Heat pipeline

    5. Storage tank insulation

    6. Boiler body insulation

    7. Other pipe insulation equipment

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