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KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber blanket energy-saving material

ceramic fiber blanket

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KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber blanket energy-saving material

Ceramic fiber blanket insulation is made from spun ceramic fibers and needled to provide superior treatment strength for high temperature insulation applications. Ceramic insulation blankets are usually offered in three standard grades, namely commercial grade, high purity grade and zirconia grade. All grades are lightweight and thermal efficient, giving the material the advantages of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Blankets come in different sizes, temperature grades and for different applications. The fiber is white and odorless and is suitable for high temperature applications up to 1260 degrees Celsius, up to 1400 degrees Celsius. Commonly used ceramic fiber products include cloth, tape, rope, woven fabric, pipe, paper, blankets and so on.


    KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber blanket energy-saving material (1)vfx

    Low thermal conductivity

    Low heat storage light elasticity

    Thermal shock resistance

    High thermal reflectivity

    Excellent corrosion resistance

    Excellent thermal stability

    Excellent sound absorption

    Excellent fire resistance

    product usage

    Furnace maintenance

    Furnaces, kilns, reformer and boiler linings

    Furnace door lining and seals

    Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines

    High temperature furnace insulation

    Primary reformer heater insulation

    High temperature gasket

    Expansion joint seal

    Glass furnace top insulation

    Field steam generator lining.

    Nuclear insulation application

    Thermal reactor insulation

    Flexible high temperature pipe insulation

    Investment casting mold wrap

    Detachable mold wrap

    Removable insulation blanket for stress relief welding

    Fire protection of pressure and cryogenic vessels

    Pit seal

    High temperature filtration

    Incineration equipment and chimney lining

    Strip for sealing material

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    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


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