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KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber Module energy-saving material

ceramic fiber module

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KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber Module energy-saving material

Ceramic fiber modules are folded or stacked from ceramic fiber blankets and pre-compressed to form rectangular modules. This modular design features non-exposed anchoring to facilitate economical installation and mechanical connection. The connecting mechanism can be made of various alloys or through the use of ceramic cup locks. In addition, our modules come in the form of pre-welded or shot applications and are suitable for different mounting methods. Modules are the perfect solution for the thick wall high temperature insulation needs of industries such as heat treatment, steel, refining and petrochemical, power generation and ceramics.

    Product features

    Low heat loss, storage and thermal conductivity.

    Increase furnace productivity and efficiency.

    Excellent resistance to shock.

    Lightweight and easy to handle.

    Excellent corrosion resistance.

    Easy insulation for thick wall and high temperature applications.

    product usage

    KRS 1260 degree resistance ceramic fiber Module energy-saving material (2)6vj

    Industrial heaters and furnaces

    Boilers and incinerators

    Tunnel kiln

    Reforming furnace, ethylene furnace and pyrolysis furnace

    Chimney and pipe lining.

    Pit cover and seal

    Product parameters


    Packaging & Transportation

    Product packaging
    We can provide customers with carton packaging, wooden pallet packaging, carton + wooden pallet packaging, or wooden pallet winding packaging.
    Carton packing: We can customize the carton shipping mark for customers.

    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


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