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KRS Glass wool blanket/fiber glasswool insulation

Glass Wool

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KRS Glass wool blanket/fiber glasswool insulation

Mouldable glass cotton blankets are made from glass fibers bonded to highly specialized resins. It is manufactured in an uncured state and has excellent acoustic and thermal properties. Mouldable glass wool is specifically designed to manufacture hood linings, instrument panel insulators, and other acoustic components. It is light weight, flexible, heat resistant, non-flammable, good moisture absorption.Glass wool is quartz sand, limestone, dolomite and other natural ores as the main raw materials, after high temperature. Melting, using external forces to flocculate into fine fibers, fibers and fibers three-dimensional cross, interwoven together,It shows a lot of tiny fibers. The gap. Can be processed into blankets, plates, pipes.


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    Centrifugal glass wool felt is designed to meet the needs of large-scale coil laying, not only to maintain the characteristics of thermal insulation, but also has very excellent shock absorption, sound absorption characteristics, especially in low frequency and various vibration and noise environments. It has good sound absorption effect, which is conducive to reducing noise pollution and improving the working environment.

    There are also aluminum foil veneer glass wool felt, with a strong heat dissipation capacity, used for high-temperature workshops, control rooms, machine room walls, compartments and flat roof lining materials.Unique technology; rebound degree after compressive packing is up to 99.2%.

    • Soft and long glass fibers can maximally lessen flying catkins in the construction.

    • Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent sound from spreading.

    • Grade A1 incombustible materials.

    • Easy for construction; cutting at will.

    • Antisepsis, ageing resistance, and anticorrosion, ensuring a healthy environment.

    • Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.

    product usage

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    Enclosures and partitions; facing and external walls; suspended ceilings; steel structures; prefabricated houses; HVAC duct work. High temperature workshops, control rooms, plant room walls, carriages and flat roof lining materials.


    • Thermal insulation

    • Fire safety

    • Sound insulation

    • Easy to install

    • Available in different sizes

    • Lightweight

    Product parameters


    Packaging & Transportation

    Product packaging
    OPP film woven bag or shrink PE bag
    We can provide OEM services for our customers

    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


    As for our samples, in order to better cooperate with the customer, we can provide the samples for free, but the customer needs to pay the Courier fee.


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