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KRS high density calcium silicate board N-14/N-17 custom parts


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KRS high density calcium silicate board N-14/N-17 custom parts

Calcium silicate custom parts are inorganic, non-combustible calcium silicate structural heat insulation panels. They have a hard albite structure that produces excellent strength and extremely low hydration. These materials are mainly composed of lime, silica and reinforced fibers. The product is white, largely dust-free and asbestos-free. The thickness and size of calcium silicate custom parts are customized for customers, and can also be cut to size according to needs.

Engineered calcium silicate insulation parts, suitable for aluminum castings, etc. Calcium silicate custom parts are engineered calcium silicate insulation parts with a density of 850 kg/m3. They are formulated without the use of asbestos fibers and are heat-insulating, non-wetting, non-breakable materials with low shrinkage properties.

    Product features

    Thermal shock resistance and stability

    Always maintain low thermal conductivity

    High structural strength at high temperature


    Electrical insulation properties when dry

    Easy to process

    Insoluble in water, non-corrosive

    product usage


    Because of the superior strength and insulation quality of the calcium silicate custom parts, they can be easily machined into a variety of sizes and shapes. Applications include fireproof enclosures around structural steel, firewalls, pipe supports, high temperature ovens and refractory backup. Higher strength grades can be used for ovens and furnace walls, structural supports, ladle and torpedo car housings, ramming materials behind firebricks and in fields to help the metal maintain a high temperature and prevent heat stripping of the metal. Firebrick. Calcium silicate custom parts are also a cost-effective flat press insulation material.

    Product parameters


    Packaging & Transportation

    Product packaging
    We provide our customers with wooden cases or wooden pallets.
    Carton packing: We can customize the carton shipping mark for customers.

    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


    As for our samples, in order to better cooperate with the customer, we can provide the samples for free, but the customer needs to pay the Courier fee.


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