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KRS Perlite pipe energy-saving insulation material

Perlite tube

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KRS Perlite pipe energy-saving insulation material

Perlite pipe insulation material is a kind of high temperature insulation material, made of expanded perlite and sodium silicate, and reinforced with fiber to improve impact resistance. The perlite insulation material has high temperature insulation material which is corrosion proof, moisture proof, fire resistant and asbestos free.

Protects austenitic stainless steel pipes and equipment from failure caused by chloride stress corrosion cracking. It can also inhibit the corrosion of other ferrous metals. The unique properties of bonding millions of glass air cells provide a wealth of industrial applications for this high-temperature suppression insulation.


    KRS Perlite pipe energy-saving insulation material (3)h10

    Moisture-proof, low absorption, anti-corrosion, save construction.

    Fire resistant - does not act as a wick to prevent actual fire damage.

    Excellent corrosion inhibition - Corrosion inhibition against austenitic stainless steel and other ferrous metals.

    Low shrinkage, less than 1% linear shrinkage at 650 degrees Celsius.

    Corrosion resistant - acid resistant, almost chloride-free, lime free.

    High strength and flexibility - easier to install, improved appearance and longer service life.

    Cost and time savings - all rated without double layer.

    Maintains strength at high temperatures - the adhesive will not burn out and the material will not flake or discolor.

    product usage

    Perlite pipe insulation is recommended for the insulation of pipes, containers and equipment in continuous and cyclic operation. Especially suitable for process piping, refractory use and high temperature applications in chemical plants and refineries. Its moisture resistance is particularly beneficial for installations in areas with high humidity and rainfall. Sodium silicate, as the primary binder, offers unmatched corrosion inhibition among manufacturers of high-temperature insulation materials. Because it does not contain asbestos, it is suitable for use in operations facing Occupational Safety and Health Association restrictions.

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