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KRS Vermiculite fire insulation board


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KRS Vermiculite fire insulation board

Vermiculite fire-proof board is a non-combustible, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, moisture-proof and non-harmful material board made of expanded rock as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic polymer binder and processed by a certain process. A series of processes. Heating does not produce gases harmful to human health, and smoke-free, non-toxic, tasteless. Hirudite stone does not contain asbestos and is an environmentally friendly building material.


    Hirudite slabs are widely used in construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace and so on

    Fields, specifically applied to:

    1. Fire door core;

    2. Advanced kitchenware and furniture;

    3. Hull plate;

    4, fire escape, ventilation system;

    5. Commercial building banks, libraries, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, high-end residences, ordinary residences, etc.;

    6. Furnace body insulation;

    7. Fireplace insulation;

    8. Industrial insulation materials.


    KRS Vermiculite fire insulation boardbto

    1. Thermal shock resistance, can be used in the furnace fire surface

    2. Non-combustible, A1 fire

    3. Heating Heating does not produce odor gases

    4. Low thermal conductivity

    5. High resistance

    6. Easy to operate 7

    7. High heat resistance

    8. Acid, alkali, corrosive gas has good chemical stability

    9. Hard and stable, with enough mechanical stability

    10. Resistant to CO, CH4 atmosphere, not easy to be liquid aluminum, cold body, fluoride wetting

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