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KRS is committed to the "new" starting to grasp the new trend of the industry innovative products

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KRS is committed to the "new" starting to grasp the new trend of the industry innovative products


Data show that in the first quarter of this year, China's import and export of goods increased by 5%, the quality of foreign trade development steadily improved, and the scale of import and export reached a new level. In the context of slowing world trade growth, such achievements are not easy.


Looking forward to the foreign trade situation in the next stage, there are both opportunities and challenges. How can China maintain its leading position? The confidence and confidence of foreign trade "quality improvement and quantity stability" come from the "new" wind, and the development of new quality productivity has injected new vitality into the development of foreign trade.


In order to better meet the needs of various industries and markets,KRS (Shandong) New Materials Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of science and technology investment, and developed a high-density and high-strength calcium silicate board with more stable performance and rich functions in addition to the high temperature and low density calcium silicate board.


High temperature, high density and high strength calcium silicate board is a common insulation material, named because of its high density, high density calcium silicate board because of its high density, so its own strength is also higher, but also more resistant to impact. The main raw materials of the high-density calcium silicate board are calcium hydroxide and quartz sand. After polishing the raw materials, the reinforced fiber is added. After the reaction is successful, the slurry is injected into the press for pressure molding, and then pulled into the tunnel cellar for drying and drying.


Introduction of advantages:

High temperature resistance: The use temperature of high-density calcium silicate board can reach 1050℃, which has strong high temperature resistance.

High strength: high-density calcium silicate board has high strength, which can ensure that it is not easy to break in the construction process and reduce the construction loss.

Good insulation: the thermal conductivity of high-density calcium silicate board is very low, which can reduce the conduction of heat and has a good insulation effect.


High density calcium silicate uses:

High density plate can be processed into aluminum liquid transfer plate, aluminum liquid filter plate, aluminum liquid grid plate,

High density workpiece for liquid aluminum cap mouth

High density calcium silicate for liquid aluminum transfer plates

High density calcium silicate plate for liquid aluminum grid plate

Ladle insulation high density calcium silicate board

Calcium silicate board thermal insulation material for automotive glass birthsets

Hot top ring high density calcium silicate

Brake pin high density calcium silicate material

A60 A90 A120 Fire rating calcium silicate board

High density calcium silicate board is used for fire door frame fire door door fire bucket