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KRS 1050 degree high temperature resistant calcium silicate board

1000 degree calcium silicate board

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KRS 1050 degree high temperature resistant calcium silicate board

Energy is an important material basis for human survival and development, _Since the 21st century, energy saving and emission reduction has become the common goal of the development of countries around the world, thermal insulation materials have been a large number of development and application. 1050 degree high temperature resistant calcium silicate board has low thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance and other excellent properties, become one of the most promising thermal insulation materials. Calcium silicate board is mainly made of silicon powder, calcium powder, natural wood pulp after high temperature and high pressure steam curing made of low, medium and high density new environmental protection insulation material.

    Product features

    Calcium silicate board has good fire resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof, light weight, easy to cut and other properties. Applicable to steel, petrochemical, ceramics, glass, cement, external wall insulation and all kinds of furnace insulation, and electric power, machinery, electronics, shipbuilding and other industries of thermal insulation. Calcium silicate is a common alternative to asbestos as a safe insulation material. Calcium silicate is one of the most widely used materials for fire prevention in Europe. Europeans are more inclined to use calcium silicate as cladding. In smelting metal ores, silica reacts with calcium carbonate to form this substance to form slag.

    product usage

    Metallurgical industry: heating furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, high temperature flue, hot air pipeline.

    Petrochemical industry: heating furnace, ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogenation furnace, catalytic cracking furnace, Petrochemical furnace hot surface lining.

    Cement industry: rotary kiln, decomposition kiln, preheater, triple air pipe, kiln hood, cooling machine, Backup insulation for bricks and castables.

    Ceramic industry: tunnel kiln and tunnel kiln core and plate, Ceramic kiln hot surface lining.

    Glass industry: furnace bottoms and walls of melting furnaces.

    Power industry: preheating furnace pipes.

    Non-ferrous metal industry: electrolyzer. 

    Shipbuilding: Deck dressing.

    Other: It can also be used in ovens, barbecue ovens, fireplaces, etc.

    Product parameters


    Packaging & Transportation

    Product packaging
    We can provide customers with carton packaging, wooden pallet packaging, carton + wooden pallet packaging, or wooden pallet winding packaging.
    Carton packing: We can customize the carton shipping mark for customers.

    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


    As for our samples, in order to better cooperate with the customer, we can provide the samples for free, but the customer needs to pay the Courier fee.


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