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KRS 650 degrees low temperature calcium silicate board

650 degree calcium silicate board

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KRS 650 degrees low temperature calcium silicate board

The main materials of the 650 degrees low temperature calcium silicate board product are SiO 43%, CaO 44%, and reinforced fibers, which do not contain asbestos. It is an efficient energy-saving and thermal insulation product, fully known as "fiber reinforced calcium silicate board". The product is made by stirring, heating, gelation, forming, pipe hardening, and drying. It has the characteristics of light volume, low thermal conductivity, and high bending and compressive strength.


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    1. Usage: Safe and hygienic:
    The product is 100% asbestos free, non-toxic and harmless, avoiding unnecessary impact on the environment while ensuring human safety.

    2. Light in Weight:
    Made of siliceous materials, calcareous materials, and reinforced fiber materials, it is very lightweight.

    3. Good durability:
    After long-term use, the board does not shrink, deform or pulverize, and the insulation performance does not decrease.

    4. Strong construction applicability:
    Using ordinary woodworking tools, it can be cut into any desired shape and easily bonded to other materials.

    5. Low thermal conductivity:
    Has low heat capacity, good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, high strength.

    product usage

    The glass industry:  Melting furnaces and heat exchangers, annealing furnaces, cooling channels and equipment insulation.

    Ceramic industry:  Box furnace and tunnel furnace.

    Iron and steel industry:  Hot rolling reheating furnace, cold rolling sleeve, RH vacuum degassing furnace, smelter, heat deformation and heat treatment plant.

    Cement industry:  Preheaters and cyclones, decomposing kilns, tertiary ducts and coolers.

    Non-ferrous metal industry: Aluminum power decomposition furnace and electrolyzer.

    Petrochemical industry: Cracking furnace, catalytic cracking furnace, oil pipeline, underground heat drive.

    Power plants: Heat preservation of pipelines, thermal equipment and preheating furnaces.

    The construction industry: Building interior partition, ceiling heat insulation.

    Other industries: Support lining for industrial furnaces, insulation for buildings, ships and trains.

    Product parameters

    Product parameterspte

    Packaging & Transportation

    Product packaging
    We can provide customers with carton packaging, wooden pallet packaging, carton + wooden pallet packaging, or wooden pallet winding packaging.
    Carton packing: We can customize the carton shipping mark for customers.

    Product transportation
    Usually by sea, but also by air and land


    As for our samples, in order to better cooperate with the customer, we can provide the samples for free, but the customer needs to pay the Courier fee.


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